Take the Pain Out of Your Next Job Search

Take the Pain Out of Your Next Job Search

Switching jobs is much easier if the choice is yours. If you are searching for a job because you are unemployed, it is normal to feel panicked. Take some time to gain control of your emotions. Get a plan in place to make the process as painless as possible.

Lower Your Expenses

Decreasing the amount of money going out of your account each month can create some breathing room in your budget. If you are not working, you may save some money on your commute and purchasing lunch. Look at other options as well. Refinancing student loans allows you to save money that can be used to pay down your other expenses. Hang on to your internet service, as you need access to fill out applications and submit resumes. You may think you can do that just as well at a coffee shop or library, and you can if you have no other choice. The flexibility to search through listings and apply for positions in the privacy of your own home will make your search more efficient. Cutting the cable cord could be one to go though.

Personalize Your Approach

You may be tempted to take a rapid-fire approach towards your search. It is easy to do now. Instead, take the time to personalize your cover letter and check that your resume fits the position you apply for. You can write a template for your cover letter that you quickly personalize to save time. Overall, it will not add much time to the application process and will help your submission stand out.

Let Everyone Know You are Looking

While many jobs are filled through postings on online boards, there are other ways to find employment. Often the best way is to let people know you are looking. If you are currently employed, you may not be as open with this fact as if you are unemployed. However, if you don’t have a job there is nothing to stop you from chatting up anyone who may be able to offer a connection.

Seek Out a Recommendation

If you know other people in your field, approach them about a referral. It’s an unavoidable fact that many jobs are filled through recommendations of current employees. It can feel awkward to ask for someone to make this connection for you. You can ask in a non-pressure way that allows them to gracefully back out. To help you get over the emotional hurdle of asking someone for a referral, you should know that many companies offer a bonus to their employee when they make a successful recommendation.

Stay Positive

Rejection is part of the search process, but you must not let that get you down. Keep applying for jobs and eventually, you will land something. If you are getting interviews, but having trouble landing a position, that shows that your resume is in good shape but your interview skills may need work. The good thing about interviews is that you will get better at them with practice. If you are not landing interviews, you should take a hard look at your resume.

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