The Must-have List for Small Business Supply Stocking

The Must-have List for Small Business Supply Stocking

An office that runs efficiency needs more than just talented staff. A team is only as good as the resources and equipment in place to support productivity. When you are in the early stage of preparing your office space, you may be tempted to just get away with the basics in order to save money. However, the basics aren’t usually expensive and neither are many of the software systems and tech products that can improve your company’s efficiency. Here is a breakdown of the must-haves when getting your business ready for operations.

General Office Supplies

Whether you choose to shop an office supply store or you are going to place an order online, you need to be prepared with a wide range of supplies. Even if you don’t think you will need something on a regular basis, keeping it on hand will keep you from disrupting employee productivity by having them run to the store to grab a missing item. Some of the essentials include pens, pencils, folders, binders, planners, calendars, staplers, staples, scissors, calculators, paperclips, post-it notes, paperclips, binder clips, rubber bands, and tape. You will also need to keep your printer ink in stock, but these may need to be ordered on a more regular basis in order to keep the ink fresh.

Technology Purchases

Long gone are the days of pen and paper notetaking and transcribing office meetings by hand. Technology has become a vital tool for businesses of all sizes, and though the initial investment might seem costly, the efficiency benefits are well worth the cost. Depending on the role of your employee, you may be able to make specific choices in each of these areas. However, each employee should have access to their own laptop or desktop computer. You will also want each employee to stand connected to each other, the suppliers, and the consumers, so a communication device is equally important for each individual. Though you may consider issuing smartphones to each employee, a VoIP phone system is more affordable and versatile. Working with Ooma Small Business can give you the communication coverage you need. Your office may be able to get by with one printer for a department, which is a way to save money. You should also consider leasing more expensive equipment like bulk order copiers that can also handle printing, scanning, and faxing needs. You can rent a wireless router for your internet, but by spending the money upfront, you can save on your monthly expense and long-term investment. In order to destroy important documents, you will need a shredder. If your office will have a lot of shredding o do, it may be more economical to partner with a professional shredding company. Be sure to include surge protections, external hard drives, thumb drives, and tablets.

Furniture Choices

You will need a place for your employees to sit and work, or if they prefer, to stand and work. Office furniture comes in a wide range of sizes and styles, and it can get rather expensive very quickly. Think about the atmosphere you are looking to create, and prioritize your purchases by functionality. Start with desks and seating choices. Many companies prefer rolling chairs. Consider your office arrangement, whether you need dividers to establish personal workspaces. Include a meeting table to host clients or to hold team meetings. Make sure you have enough lighting as well to avoid employee eye strain. You will need to purchase storage equipment as well since there will be some hard copies of paperwork of information that cannot be stored digitally. Filing cabinets, shelves, or bins are the most versatile purchases.

Before you blow your budget out of the water with unnecessary or extravagant purchases, make your first investments items that are necessary and functional.

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