Tips to Speed up your Laptop

Tips to Speed up your Laptop

Remember when you first brought the laptop? It had the speed of a jet aeroplane, but now it has reduced to something which can be compared to a tortoise. Now, the lagging speed of your laptop might make you feel like you are using something a decade old which you would probably just want to dump out. 

But wait! Dumping just a year or two old laptops, on which you probably spent all your bonus, is not at all a profitable decision to consider. Instead, why don’t you try to bring back some good Tips to Speed up your Laptop? Don’t know-how, we will tell you all about it. 

But before you proceed, evaluate what is the reason for your laptop usage. Is it because of gaming, photo and video editing, and watching movies all day, or solely because of work and study purposes? Based on that, you can determine the speed, your laptop is able to retain. Gaming, editing and movie players generally tend to consume a lot of battery life which eventually slows down your laptop. So before you proceed, try out your needs by finding Performance laptops for rent. Not only laptops, but you can also get mobile phones on rent and try out the same, to know which feature is more important to you on your mobile phone. 

  • Do disk clean 

Windows has an option known as disk cleanup for the users which helps your laptop to get rid of the programs and files which are not at all needed in the first place. It is a great option to scrub off the excess files from your laptop and clean the erroneous files which were only lagging your laptop behind. 

  • Limit the load of tasks 

While you are working on your laptop, it is not the only program running, but there are other applications too which are running when even you are not using it. The background programs drain out the battery and even heat up the laptop increasing its CPU usage which tends to slow down your laptop. 

  • Upgrade the RAM 

RAM or Random Access Memory is a type of storage which helps the laptops to store up files and promote games. However, if your laptop comes with a RAM of lower storage, you always have the option to upgrade it. Having done that, it ensures that your laptop gets boosted up and retains the space. 

  • Reinstall your processor 

If you are a Windows user, you have the option to reinstall the processor without losing any files. You can select the files which you want to recover and then, put your laptop to reset. 

  • Uninstall the unnecessary applications 

There may be many applications on your computer which you hardly use. However, if there are many such applications, it may have almost occupied your RAM and is thus slowing down your laptop. Instead of upgrading your RAM which is a cost-affair, you can simply uninstall the applications which you hardly even use. This will reduce the space and boost up the speed of your laptop. 

Follow these steps to speed up your laptop and enjoy a smooth performance you have ever had to derive the most out of it. 

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