TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone: The Best Choice For Skype Calls


TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone is a great launch by TONOR in the industry of microphones with exceptional sound quality, great features, and above all, an affordable price. Priced at just 35 dollars, the microphone is worth the price. It is budget-friendly and is the go-to choice for individuals who are working from home or are required to attend various meetings online or have to participate in different virtual events. It has various benefits when used for Skype calls. Some important details about the product are given below. 

About the TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone 


The TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone is one of the strongest and highly durable microphones which comes with a guarantee of extended-lasting use. TC-777 is an entry-level microphone that can be used for general purposes and has a shock mount. It is adjustable given its gooseneck which has high flexibility. It has the feature of a driver-free and plug-and-play design. Its plug-and-play feature makes it stand out from other microphones and the TC-777 USB Microphone is also compatible with PS4. However, it cannot be used with Switch and Xbox. 

TONOR TC-777 sub microphone is highly suitable for purposes such as gaming, streaming, voice recognition, voice-overs, vocal recording, YouTube videos, Google meet, and even Skype. The Microphone has the best pick-up effect at 70% volume when set within a distance of 15 to 30 centimeters. Compatible devices include a computer or a laptop and the microphone requires one Lithium-ion battery. The weight of the product is 345 grams. 

Important Features

  • Plug and Play – TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone has a 2.0 data port USB and it is, therefore, possible to plug and play, and no other sound card, driver software, or phantom power is needed. It can thus be utilized for chatting, streaming, podcasting, gaming, recording, Skype calls, and more. 
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern – Cardioid pickup pattern in the mic enables the capture of smooth, crisp and clear sound and subdues unwanted noise in the background. 
  • Easy Installation – The TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone has the feature of easy installation where you only need to open the three-legged stand and adjust the pop filter’s position after which you can plug and play.

However, the microphone has a heavy diaphragm, and the wire coil proves to be limiting the movement of the assembly. This in turn has a restricting effect on the frequency as well as the microphone’s transient response. Also, it is not very suitable for using it as a condenser microphone when instruments of higher frequencies and harmonics have to be recorded. 

Using Skype With TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone 

TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone has been tested and results show that it is one of the best microphones to be used with Skype. With work from home, all meetings, interviews, and other official activities get conducted over virtual platforms like Skype. Various multinational companies and big organizations have their conferences over these platforms. TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone has several advantages with Skype calls and can be used easily for conference calling purposes.

When attending an important interview or event online, the need is to communicate well. Often the in-built microphone of the laptop or computer is not enough for communicating. In such a situation, an external microphone can be used and the TONOR TC-777 USB microphone is just the right choice which comes in a budget. The sound quality is crisp and the audio is clear with minimum interference from any sounds in the background and all of this comes at a very modest rate. 

The microphone is easy to use and even an individual who is not very technically sound can handle the device easily. It can be connected to the device with a simple plugin and then it is ready to use. No secondary software has to be installed to use the microphone which allows anyone to use it for conference calls either with a laptop or desktop. Very often individuals compromise on the quality of the product to get it on a budget and at times they have to spend more than their budget allows, to buy a good quality product. This problem gets eliminated with the TONOR TC-777 USB microphone. Thus, you get a brilliant and top-quality product at a good price, which can be utilized for different purposes and events being conducted over Skype and other such platforms. 


The plug and play feature makes it worth its price and it has excellent recording capability which removes the excessive background noise and hisses and can capture flat frequency responses, as well as extended frequency, ranges well. TONOR also gives the option of 30 days return policy with this product to allow you to purchase it confidently. You can use this link to buy the product for yourself at even cheaper rates. In the box, there is a microphone with a power cord, a mini shock mount, a pop filter, a mic tripod that is foldable, and a manual. 

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