Top 10 Sites for Movies & TV Shows


Who doesn’t love to stream movies when free? Movies are one of the best sources of entertainment for people. These days, a lot of movie streaming sites have come up that allow people to stream and download movies. When searching for free movie sites on the internet, you will be presented with innumerable sites, most of which are illegal ones. So, here’s a list of the legal movie streaming sites that are a safe source of entertainment. Many of these offer free services, whereas many require subscription charges. Let’s see the top 10 movie streaming sites: 

Top 10 Sites for Movies & TV Shows

1. Streamingsites


 This site brings to you various other movie streaming sites. The sites are categorised into groups like free sites, premium sites, recent sites, etc. You can visit any of the sites according to your choice. Every site brings to you a wide variety of movies and tv shows. Apart from that, you also get access to short films, web series, documentaries, etc. All contents cover various genres, languages, eras, and cultures, further enriching the site’s collection. 

2. Netflix


This site offers high-quality movie streaming services, perhaps the best out of all current sites. Netflix also has an app version, which is easier to be used. The site’s interface is extremely user-oriented giving them a satisfactory experience. Netflix has the largest collection of contents covering movies, award functions, web series, tv shows, documentaries, and whatnot. Users can play, pause, and resume streaming content on the site. They can enjoy uninterrupted services as the site is devoid of any commercials. Netflix, with its variety of contents and diversified collection, is truly the best entertainment site

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

This is another emerging movie providing site. Amazon Prime is also available in an app version, downloadable for Android and iOS users. To access the site’s contents, one has to subscribe to it. You can subscribe to it for a month or an entire year and pay the charges accordingly. Not only Hindi and English movies, but also contents in Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada languages can be streamed and downloaded. The site lets you download innumerable films and other content of your choice. It offers good audio and video quality as well. 

4. Hulu


This site offers an excellent selection of the latest movies and tv shows. The site is available on probably every media streaming device. However, if you want to download your favourite contents, you need to have a premium membership. It offers high-quality original shows and web services too. Every content on this site is available in HD resolution. Offering well-categorized content, in every language, genre, Hulu is one of the most preferred sites among users. 

5. Tubi


Tubi is a freely accessible video streaming site, which has a well-designed interface. The site is completely user-oriented. Keeping in mind the convenience of the users, this site offers content in groups. This makes it easy for viewers to find out their desired content. It continually updates its library of contents and uploads the latest and trending ones in HD resolution. Even some dubbed versions of original films are also found. 

6. Hotstar


Another well known free streaming and movie downloading site which has recently become famous is Hotstar. Earlier, it used to offer services for free. However, now, you need to have the VIP subscription or the premium one for accessing domestic and international content respectively. It needs to be mentioned here that Hotstar charges much less when compared to Amazon Prime or Netflix. One can, however, access the TV serials, award functions, and sports for free. 

7. Retrovision


This site hosts classics from the 90s, which are hard to find anywhere nowadays. The site’s evergreen collection of movies will surely amaze you. Besides movies, you can also stream tv shows and web series. The best thing is its contents are classified based on their genres. Hence, all you need to do is click on the genre to which your favourite film belongs and scroll through the list. 

8. Crackle


Bringing movies from every genre, language, culture, and era, crackle is another well-preferred site. Various categories of movies like action-based, drama, thrillers, science fiction, documentaries, short films, etc., are found here. Also, you can find romantic movies, comedy movies, trending movies, etc. The site updates its movie collection on time and brings the latest released in HD resolution. 

9. Pluto tv

Pluto tv

This is a virtual TV site. It has a traditional tv layout, bringing to people every major tv show and TV serial. Music shows, dance shows, comedy shows, everything else can be found here. The site can be accessed for free. It lets you stream and download unlimited content in HD resolution. You can watch content and movies from more than 75 tv channels. 

10. Popcornflix


Another major movie streaming site in Popcornflix. Users can access this without having to spend a single penny. People can stream and download unlimited content, anytime anywhere. The site’s collection of movies and tv shows is rich and diversified. Contents from every language and genre are found here. This site is sure to meet everyone’s movie preferences. 

These are the top 10 movie and TV shows streaming sites which have got the best reviews from people. If you are unwilling to pay the high subscription charges of some of them, you can prefer the rest of these sites. However, we request everyone to not use illegal alternatives because they promote piracy. 


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