Top 5 advantages of Industrialized Building System

Top 5 advantages of Industrialized Building System

If you want to know about the advantages of the “Industrialized Building System,” then you are in the right place. An “Industrialized Building System” is a construction technique where a company or group of individuals work in a controlled environment to manufacture components in term of placing and assembling into the work of construction. This technique is usually applied both onsite and offsite. 

There is a wide range of reasons why you should invest in the “Industrialized Building System” – as in this article. We are going to tell you the top 5 advantages of this system, so that you know and understand them accurately. This way, it will allow you to invest in this modern construction system, which is likewise very profitable.

Industrialized Building System

Advantages of Industrialized Building System

It is no surprise to tell you that most conventional construction techniques and methods are messy, dangerous, and wasteful – because of the process of constructing buildings. Therefore, the construction industry needs to avoid conventional methods and adopt new techniques in construction. 

The purpose is to get ready for the era of globalization, whereby an increase in quality, safety, and productivity is compulsory. At the same time, another important aspect of adopting modern construction methods is to reduce the cost as well as the time of construction. So, when it comes to the advantages of Industrialized Building System, they are:

  1. Reduction of unskilled workers

For many years, the construction industry in different countries of the world has been dependent heavily on unskilled workers. For example, when we talk about Hong Kong, UAE, and Malaysia, we see workers from foreign countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. 

The implementation of the Industrialized Building System can significantly decrease the number of unskilled workers that come from foreign countries in the construction industry. In this way, a construction company can minimize the money, which is siphoned by workers to their native countries. Similarly, this also reduces the time of construction. 

  1. Reduce wastage

There is over 20% wastage in the conventional construction methods, especially in terms of cost. When you use the “Industrialized Building System,” it will reduce or eliminate timber formwork as well as props. Therefore, this will reduce the use of wood so that saving the forest from destruction.  

  1. Increase in quality

The “Industrialized Building System” emphasizes the prefabricated products, which are available on the market and provide a much safer working platform for construction workers. It reduces the usage of bricks and nails, which are the primary causes of accidents in the work of construction. Besides, this system focuses on the reduction of workers, and doing so will allow your workers to work efficiently without much congestion. Thus, the system is designed to improve the quality of construction work. 

  1. Safer working environment

Most elements of the Industrialized Building System are unaffected by harsh climatic or weather conditions. It is because this system focuses mostly on a controlled environment in the construction site. For instance, the system enables you to use large structural panels, which help speed up the structural work and other things like electrical wiring, painting, and plumbing, etc. 

  1. Decrease the time of construction

The industrialized Building System is a set of sophisticated methods, which helps the construction company to reduce the time of construction. For instance, the average time to complete the creation of a house using this method is 3-5 months. On the other hand, the conventional building system or methods would take around 18 months to complete such a project. 

time of construction

In conclusion, Forest City IBS believes in the effectiveness and reliability of the Industrialized Building System. IBS Forest City is making substantial efforts to use this system efficiently, so that helps not only our company but also our clients. Lastly, we believe in a win-win situation, and our primary aim is to provide you with the best while employing the Industrialized Building System.

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