Top 5 Amazing Places which will Definitely Make French Riviera an Exotic Tourist Spot

Have you ever felt so stressed out and thought of leaving everything at one point? Or, ever planned a great bachelorette outing or a fine holiday trip with your family and at last canceled it? People often do that right? But, talking about a quick holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘to where’? Why don’t you consider French Riviera for an awesome gateway? Book luxury homes in French Riviera and make your vacation exciting.

Actually, there are no such places in the entire world which cannot be explored and visited. Rather going to an unknown place and experience everything that is completely unplanned would have been much better, refreshing and adventurous how about making a great plan of where you want to visit. If you are planning to visit French Riviera then let’s have a good read about the top 5 amazing places in that would give you the best time of your holiday trip.

The French Riviera usually is the Mediterranean coastline (which has been connected to the Atlantic Ocean) of the southeast corner of France. Previously, the coastline was one of the first modern resort areas. After World War II, it became a popular tourist destination. The place has a total population of more than two million and generally, it becomes notable for major yachting and cruising area with several marinas along its coast. Here we are discussing 5 exotic places in French Riviera which are worth to fall in love with.


Nice is the fifth most populated city in the French Riviera and second largest French city on the Mediterranean coast. The real beauty of Nice and its soft and mild Mediterranean climate finally came to the attention on the 2nd half of the 18th century. That time, a flourishing number of aristocratic families often came to spend their winters here. The sublime architecture, the delicious foods along with the beautiful and pleasant weather is no less than a heaven. The great jumping off point has been an additional happiness for the tourists. Some people will be highly enthusiastic towards the art at Matisse and Chagall museums while some people are up for boundless nightlife enjoyment, world-class dining, and shopping. Lastly, to make your trip unforgettable, do not forget to stay at the most iconic hotel Le Negresco.


Another beautiful place in French Riviera, Antibes is a resort town and situated in between Cannes and Nice. The pretty glimpse of the cobblestone and narrow streets, the sparkling waters and the boats at the harbor are the visual evidence why the notable artists like Boudin, Picasso, and Monet were drawn here. If you are willing to shop for seasonal fresh produce, cheeses, meats, olives, seafood, this place would never disappoint you. Apart from that, roam around the craft market which has a superb collection of clothes, handcrafted items, and others artworks. Antibes has several historical values as well as one of the remarkable of them is it was once the home to Napoleon Bonaparte who was imprisoned here at the time of French Revolution at Fort Carre. Overall, Antibes is a beautiful place worth going for.


Is there anyone who has not heard the name of this phenomenal city? Basically, the city is known for its association with the famous and rich luxury hotels and restaurants and for various conferences. The prompt sun-kissed and heavenly beautiful climate will compel the tourists to visit the place at least for once in their lives. The glorious annual Cannes Film Festival has been considered the best of the best in the entire World where various talented celebrities are been greeted and warmly welcomed for the event. Apart from that, Cannes is an ideal place to sip world-class Champagne and enjoy lunch at an outdoor café. Along with this, there are various classy boutiques which are perfect for bumping into it for an afternoon shopping.

St. Tropez

Are you okay to find out the world celebrities like Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, and Sir Elton John being spotted partying? Yes! You heard it right. There is no such renowned place like St. Tropez which is as sexually appealing as the celebrities. What can be more exciting than that? Besides that, walk along Vieux Port for the indulgent yachts that will surely give you visual delight, and if you get managed to wake up early in the morning, you can even get to see the fishmongers at the local fish market. On another note, if you want to experience the town’s central square, Place des Lices for a step back in time.


Probably one of the most exciting destinations on the French Riviera. Usually, Monaco has become renowned for distinctive museums, historic monuments and for the lush and vigorous gardens. The place is also perfect for exploring neighboring towns in the south of France, such as Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Eze, and La Turbie. So, to experience the glamorous, jet-set crowd, visit here Monaco.

So, if you are planning for a quick holiday trip to French Riviera, do not forget to visit these exotic 5 places which are no less than a paradise and absolutely worth going and spending your money for.

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