Top 5 Features of The Robustel R2000 Industrial Router to Check Out

Robustel R2000 Industrial Router

Top 5 Features of The Robustel R2000 Industrial Router to Check Out

Whether you are considering an industrial router, or you already have one, and it happens to be the Robustel R2000 industrial router, you are in for a treat today. The Robustel industrial dual SIM cellular VPN router (R2000) is a rugged and programmable cellular router that provides reliable, seamless, state-of-the-art mobile connectivity for applications of M2M and IoT. Those who get Robustel R2000 will soon find out the extra features that they have been sleeping on – and the intending users can get the hang of what they should not miss out on at all.

Sounds great, right? 

How about we get right to it then.

Robustel R2000 Industrial Router

Dual SIM Functions

One of the problems with IoT solutions like routers comes in the way of network providers that they have been signed. 

No matter how great a network provider is, there are times when they will experience slow connection speeds or none at all. For an industrial router, that might not be a palatable solution.

To combat this issue, the Robustel R2000 comes with dual SIM capabilities to ensure you can switch over to another SIM card when one fails, improved it in the fact that both SIMs can support 3G and 4G capabilities.

Multiple Connection Options

The Robustel R2000 makes it possible to establish an internet connection in different ways.

As is common with routers, you can get your device linked up to the net by connecting over Wi-Fi. However, you can also decide to go old school on computer units and get the best of the ethernet cord connection. 

Featuring 2 of such ports, they are rated to reach speeds of 100Mbps.

Finally, you can configure these two ports for LAN only, or one for WAN and the other for LAN. 


Besides the straightforward control panel and ease of setup, you should also know that Robustel allows users to gain control over their router in other ways.

One of the most intuitive of this is the inbuilt SMS feature, which allows you to auto-reboot the system via SMS, among other things.

Connection Protection

The guys over at IT will let you know that IoT solutions – just like a commercial router of this standing – can be a security risk for the business. It is possible because of issues like man-in-the-middle attacks, conversation hijacking, and more that could happen over unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.

Fortunately, Robustel has foreseen this and has included a VPN package with its R2000 routers. It creates a system of servers over which pass the internet data before it approaches the target server. 

In simple English, your internet data is as safe as can be – and even your ISP cannot know what you are looking at on the internet.


Robustel installs its in-house Robustel OS on the routers, and they can get the job done well enough. However, they also recognize the fact that companies and individuals might want to customize the experience to suit their specific needs. 

They have, thus, making sure the software is open source with full documentation. That allows you to improve the router experience to match the needs of PCs, computers, tablets, phones, and other units that the connection might be meant.


These five features mentioned above make the R2000 a powerful router. It developed from RobustOS, a Robustel self-developed and Linux-based operating system. The RobustOS includes basal network functions and protocols to provide an outstanding user experience. At the same time, Robustel offers partners and customers with a software development kit (SDK) that allows for additional customization using C, Python, or Java. It also provides a wealth of applications to meet the needs of the fragmented Internet of things market.

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