Top 5 Tips of TETRA Solutions for Rail Signaling System

For many years TETRA solution (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) has been used in metro and tramway communication, although critical, positive train control systems outside Europe are also widely popular. Hytera has been committed to providing mobile radios and facilities for urban rail transportation needs long ago. It is founded on decades of experience at the MRT and DP, the deep understanding of how a mass transit system is run, as well as our mastery of the core technologies.

Challenges of Rail Signaling System

Challenges of Rail Signaling System

The rail environment is highly complex, and communication needs to be provided in several environments and circumstances that make the planning and implementation of PoC radio communications system with the standard of services needed by a signaling system quite difficult. Several problems in the various tests were identified by the different communications networks used on the railway transportation system.

Communicating in tunnels is a critical concern for radio communication systems; thus, solutions other than those used in open spaces are required in this setting. Two separate approaches can essentially be used for tunnel coverage: antennas and leaky feeders.

ERTMS is the most advanced signaling system available in the world today. The European Rail Traffic Management System. The system was a sophisticated high-speed train option. The driver can’t see the road signals if the train goes faster than 200 km/h, and so this information needs to be transmitted to the cabin.

To achieve greater security, this information must be continuous. In response to the need for interoperability and allow trains to cross borders without having all the regional signaling systems, there was the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), designed to meet both needs.

Ping-pong: this phenomenon is due to the realization of several handovers with the neighboring cell. It occurs because the overlap with the surrounding cell is uniform so that in some points, the cell’s coverage is stronger and in others the worst.

Data loss during transfer: this is because of the disruption of the connection between two nearby cells when the handover occurs. It can take between several milliseconds and 500-700 milliseconds, depending on the communication system.

The requirements of Rail Signaling System

The requirements of Rail Signaling System

The modern high-capacity and high-speed rail control and functional signaling systems call for the use of advanced communications to ensure operation and protection, reduce the cost of maintenance and enhance user experience. That is why communications have grown dramatically in the last décade within the transport environment, particularly in the railway environment.

There are special requirements in communications for the signaling of railways that are highly dependent on track system characteristics and efficiency. Therefore, the features and efficiency of the transport system need to be thoroughly understood, and the communication systems must be subject to rigorous specifications.

How TETRA solution provides solutions for Rail Signaling System

Rail signaling system communications networks have to provide special services to facilitate and maintain the railway’s safe operation. Hytera TETRA solution offers major utilities for the broadcasting community and quick call configuration, and the use of a special frequency band, which allows better equalization, i.e., mobile travel at 350 km/h.

Advantages of TETRA Solution in Rail  Signaling System

Advantages of TETRA Solution in Rail  Signaling System

The frequency used provides a longer range, thereby minimizing the infrastructure expense and allowing for a high degree of regional coverage with limited transmitters.

TETRA solution has been configured to do one by one, one to many, and many to many for radio communication, as opposed to cellular technologies. For disaster relief and temporary capacity provision, fast deployment network solutions are available. In the absence of a network, mobile devices may use ‘direct mode’ by directly exchanging channels (walkie-talkie mode).

TETRA radio communication system provides comprehensive and competent communication services across cell type system installations, conventional PMR telephony, and digital data transmission. It is a highly reliable system suitable for use by various types of users who need their communications network to provide instant connectivity, high reliability, and security with an additional range of services designed to accommodate the daily use of the system and provide unconditional help in exceptional circumstances.

Hytera has partnered with Kazakhstan’s national railway company to deploy the KTZ TETRA network to allow an electronic train control system (ETCS) through various rail lines. Hytera digital TETRA solution is integral for KTZ’s sector, increasing business efficiency and service quality.

Hytera supplied its advanced state-of-the-art DIB-R5 TETRA Solution, customized to the exact specifications of the PT MRTJ, including ensuring that the TETRA solutioin overview was compatible with the other system in the project.

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