Top Facebook Marketing Trends of the Year

Facebook has slowly emerged as one of the biggest platforms for not only entertainment but for business, for public views and opinions, for marketing and for increasing the popularity level. Slowly and gradually, it has become a one-stop shop for any age group and for every purpose. The agenda of social media websites started long before Facebook, but only this website has set a mark for every other website. It has improved and updated itself with every passing year, and given its audience the joy of new features and new technology.

The biggest exposure given by Facebook is to the world of business, especially small businesses. There are abundant marketing strategies available on the website, fit for any and every kind of business. These marketing strategies have been changing with the course of time, bringing in new trends of publicizing your work and gain popularity. Following are the latest Facebook marketing trends that you make use of and attract more views and customers.

  1. Videos are still a thing: Facebook videos are the best and most common form of promotional tool. They have been popular for a while now, and are still trending as the top of the list when it comes to marketing. Mark Zuckerberg has himself claimed that Facebook users watch over 100 million hours of videos every single day, which contributes to the reach of organic videos at 135% over the organic image posts. This makes it very clear that Facebook video ads must be a crucial part of your marketing process. Special emphasis should be given on the content and creativity while making the video. As it is human nature to remember what they have seen rather than what they have heard and read, videos help in communicating your message and leaving an imprint in the viewer’s mind
  2. Live Videos: Being live on Facebook proved to be a popular idea for the professionals to market their ideas. Being Live on Facebook has allowed real-time interactions between the professional and his/ her audience which have further increased the interest level of the audience. A person can create an event informing the time and reason for coming live on Facebook. Prior information brings you a larger number of audiences. The Facebook live option works best while showcasing some of your work, or if you have organized an event, and want to share the details with your viewers. Live videos work much better than pictures. It is one of the most honest online conversations between a client and the business owner. It also helps to builds trust among them. For example, Sam from New York is following an artist living in France who sells his paintings online. Sam would think thousands of times before ordering an oil painting because he has actually witnessed people who have fake accounts and fool people for money. Watching him in real-time, making and displaying his paintings will make him trust the artist and can order the art piece with a much-relaxed mind.
  3. More Ad types: Facebook has not limited its advertisement to the video ads, which can be a little expensive for small businesses. Facebook has created lots of different ads that would satisfy every advertisement budget. Different types of ads include:
  1. Link click Ads: This ad type is the most convenient ad form and is very commonly seen on your Facebook screens. These ads take the viewer straight to your page/post after they have clicked the link. This ad is displayed across the screens of many users, achieving the target of a large audience and creating awareness about the page/ website/ company who are promoting themselves with the ad.
  2. Boost post option: While operating your business page, when you post anything on your page, you get an option of boosting your post. This is a paid option which will help to carry your post to a larger audience and bring recognition to your page.
  3. Carousel Ads: These are the pop-up ads that come on our mobile screens while scrolling our Facebook page. This ad shows us about 10 images, videos or links of the products that take us straight to the page or website. This ad is very helpful in showing the viewers the type and kind of product or services one provides.
  4. Lead Ads: A lead ad is an ad which allows the user to sign up with your account on your website without having to leave the Facebook page. This helps in getting the information about the potential customers, who you can contact later via email and give detailed information about your products or services. These ads can be seen on mobile application and desktop screens.

All of these ads are approachable and it is easy to understand the working of these ads. And it is for sure that once you pay for these ads, your posts or ads will surely gain popularity. There can be some situation where you feel that your posts are not getting highlighted or appearing on the screens even after paying for them, you can contact Facebook Help to clear your confusion. You can also get Facebook Help from if you are stuck in confusion about what and how to do.

  1. Messenger Advertisement: Facebook messenger also give a great platform to companies to advertise themselves. Here advertisements are shown in the messenger box between the chats. Companies can also use the technology of chatbots. It is advanced software which helps in stimulating conversations through the means of websites, mobile apps or applications.
  2. Involvement of Instagram: The connectivity of Facebook and Instagram has evolved into a much bigger platform. The integration of both the Social media accounts has created a better and advanced scale of marketing for the companies. It doubles the audience viewing your marketing ads through a single medium. Instagram is also slowly and steadily enhancing itself and making a place for the advertisements and other forms of marketing.

In a nutshell, Facebook has been expanding, improving and upgrading itself for the purpose of serving us and providing us with modern techniques of marketing and interacting with the public. And it is our will that can get us positive results, and poor usage of these trends can pull us behind. There are a few precautions that we need to take while operating our marketing strategies on Facebook:

  • We need to be aware of the competition around us because trust me, it can be too much to handle. With every new and old company making its way on Facebook, one has to keep up with other companies and continuously try to be better than them. Never get discouraged by the number of likes and viewers your competition has got. They may have more likes but may not have enough loyal customers. So you should always concentrate on your thing and improve yourself at every level.
  • If you are putting yourself on an international platform, you also need to be creative and innovative at every step. You cannot afford to monotonous and do same old things again and again. Only a single video ad or post is needed for the customers to lose interest in your product. And they thousands of other substitutes to go to. Imagine everyone getting new content and new ways of attracting views while you are stuck on the same old method of basic marketing. So you should keep updating yourself with new techniques of creative writing, humor or creative posts every now and then. If social media is improving, then why shouldn’t you?

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