Top Things To Do In Spain

things to do in spain

If Spain is on your bucket list, now is the time to tick it off. There are a number of things to do and see. Spain has a lot to offer for every type of traveler personality. You can take in the best of Spain by eating paella, drinking cider and sipping espresso at a cafe on the street. Spain is a very modern country and offers world class museums, nightlife and the best cuisine. Depending on whether you like to enjoy a fun filled evening or a stroll in the park, there is a lot for you to do.

things to do in spain

Here are the top things to do in Spain.

  1. Enjoy Tapas: An essential part of life in Spain is going for Tapas. The main thing about tapas is how you eat. A morsel food with every drink and enjoy each at a different bar. Spain has a lot of bars and a lot of great food. When in Granada, you get free tapas with your drink. Who said you don’t get anything for free?
  2. Go to a Flamenco Show: In present day music, flamenco is a huge delight. It is a traditional form of folk music which is alive today in Spain. It can be enjoyed with a full orchestra in the beautiful gardens of Alcazar in Seville and is played by drunken gypsies blaring from the stereo of a youth’s turbo car. You can find the best flamenco at a gypsy wedding or in the bar sing a long or in one of Spain’s prisons. Now they might be hard to find, hence, it is best to go and see the show in Madrid.
  3. Enjoy the architecture of Antoni Gaudi: Spain has the best architecture of Antoni Gaudi which is unique and daring. Not everyone will be a fan of the architecture but it has a number of landmarks that are a must visit. Landmarks like Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familia are a must see for many.
  4. Watch a bullfight: Bullfighting is not as popular as it used to be but it still remains a part of Spain’s history and there are curious tourists who are keen to watch the sight. Whether you support this animal cruelty or consider it as an endangered form of art, you only decide. And to decide it, you will have to see it yourself. It is important to choose the right city for a bullfight. It is originally from Ronda but Seville is also a spiritual home. Madrid has a bullring part of town known as Las Ventas and it is connected to the center of the city.
  5. Visit Alhambra: Seated in the hills of Granada is the Alhambra Moorish fortress which used to protect the inhabitants of the city from invasion. Granada was also the last city to fall during the crusades. On your visit to Alhambra, you will see the most beautiful gardens in the world and one of the most spectacular fortress in the world. It takes about four hours to get around the place but it is best to visit the busy times of the year because the tickets will be in short supply.
  6. Visit three essential art museums of Madrid: Two of the most famous artists were produced by Spain: Picasso and Salvador Dali. You can find the works of both the artists in the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia which is one of the most essential museums. There are many who think that Reina Sofia is not the best museum in Madrid but it is indeed worth a visit. The best museum is the Museo del Prado which has an excellent collection of art from the 14th to the 19th century from the finest artists of the time.
  7. Visit Seville: Seville is a treat for every tourist. It is captivating and the neighboring Alcazar castle is a must visit. Avoid visiting Seville in August because of the excessive heat. This city is a must visit when in Spain.

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