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Train Running Status

Train Running Status: Indian Railway is controlled by the Government of India through Ministry of Railways. Indian Railway is a State-Owned company which is mainly responsible for rail transport in India. It is the 4th Largest Rail Network in the world. It is spread across 92,081 km track which is spread on a route of 66,687 km and more than 7210 stations are there as per the data of the year 2016. In 2016, Railways carried more than 8.1 Billion passengers Yearly, Which means 22 million passengers in a day and carried 1.1 Billion tons of cargo yearly. If you want to check the “Train Running Status“, then you have reached the correct place.

Train Running Status

Here we will provide you all the essential details about how you can check train running status online. Using Railradar, you will be able to know the live status of the train via a map. When the website was launched for the first time, it was providing information with a delay period of 15 to 30 Min. Later on, in Oct 2012, RailRadar was launched as a joint outcome by Indian Railway Center for Railway Information System and RailYatri.In. RailRadar was providing information to the customers in the form of Website and also Mobile App. Indian Railway discontinued the work with RailRadar in September 2013. RailYatri launched RailRadar again in 2013. RailRadar was not providing the current train running status to the users, instead, it was providing location according to the scheduled Time Table.

Train Running Status

Later on, in 2015, RailYatri again launched the Railradar by doing all the necessary modifications. Railradar gets the actual location of the train from the smartphone travelers sitting on that train, in the same way, Google Determines the traffic of the Road. Using RailRadar you will be able to know the on-time status of the train. Here, Trains running on-time are indicated with green color while the Trains which are late are indicated using red color.

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Check Train Running Status

You can view the Train Running Status from the RailRadar Website or from the RailYatri App. The App is available for both, Android and iOS.

Train Running Status
Enter Train No or Name

To visit the website, click here. After opening the site, you have to enter either the train name or the train number, then click on search. Now you will be able to view various details such as Crossed Station, Next Station and whether Train is on-time or not.

Train Running Status

Train Running Status

Similarly using the App, you will be able to check Train Running Status. Besides this, there are various other features available in the app. Various Features available in the app includes Seat Availability, Coach Position, Fare Enquiry, Book Train and Bus tickets, Order Food, etc.

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Indian Railways Overview

As per the data of 2016, Indian Railway as more than 1.3 million employees which make it world’s 8th Biggest Employer. As per 2016, Railways generated revenue of ₹1.683 trillion, out of which more than ₹1.683 trillion was generated from Cargo and more than ₹442.83 billion was generated from the smartphone. According to 2016, Railways covers more than 251,250 Goods Wagons, more than 70,240 Passenger coaches, and more than 11,220 Locomotives. As per 2016, more than 13,313 Passenger Trains runs every day. All the Mail and Express Trains Runs at a normal speed of 50 km/hr on the Broad Guage and 34 km/hr on the Meter Guage.

Not able to get the Train Running Status. What are the reasons behind it?

You will not receive Train Running Status due to following reasons:
– You Entered Incorrect Data.
– The Train is not running on the date you mentioned.
– The train is not yet departed from its source station.

What kind of information can be obtained about Train Running Status?

The following information can be obtained from the Train Running Status.

– You will get the Current Location of Train.
– The Last Station from where the Train Departed.
– The train is delayed by how many minutes.
– Estimated Arrival Time on the particular station.
– Estimated Departure Time of the Train from a particular station.

Step by Step procedure to check the Train Running Status on Indian rail is given below:

1. Head over to the
2. Read the information and then click OK.
3. Now go to the Spot Your Train and then Enter “Train No”.
4. Now you have to select the city from which you want to start your journey.
5. Now you will be able to know the Current status of the Train along with the delayed time. The Train status is updated at every station.
Due to some reason, if this method doesn’t work then try the other methods as displayed above.

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