Understanding The Importance Of Credit Scores And Agencies

Understanding The Importance Of Credit Scores And Agencies

Well everyone knows that having to take out loans can be very straightforward, but only if you’ve a good credit rating. Loans can help people solve financial problems, aid them reach their ambitions, finance their companies and several other things, and they can do so in a seamless manner. It is necessary to have strong credit ratings. Excellent credit ratings, it ensures that you can also get a lower APR and a higher credit cap.

But if you’ve a low credit score, the possibility of a loan decreases.


Since credit ratings are the means by which financial institutions and banking firms make decisions about who to lend money to and who not.  Credit ratings are the primary qualifying requirements for the acquisition of a loan.

In the United Kingdom, there are three major credit monitoring agencies, which are known for creating credit scale systems and are also accountable for determining credit scores for individuals.

These credit reporting agencies take a glance into people’s credit and financial records and allocate credit ratings to them on that basis.

Borrowers and lending companies use the credit rating and the scale established by credit reporting agencies to assess whether or not a loan applicant is qualified for it. They do this by doing a credit search, which is where the lending institution or the banking firm reviews your credit record and credit ratings and calculates your credit score based on the credit standard established by the credit reporting agencies.

When that’s completed, they take a call on whether or not to offer you the loan.

Your place on the credit ladder makes a ton of difference whenever it comes to securing loans and offers you receive. If you rank higher on the credit index, it implies that you do have a strong credit rating and it will instantly make you qualify for almost all of all forms of loans, in addition, you may also get a greater credit limit and the rate of interest charged on the loan will be decreased, which are among the great benefits of having a good credit rating.

But then on the other side, the lower you end up going on the credit index, the poorer the likelihood of securing a loan is, and if you choose to obtain a loan with bad credit ratings, you’re likely to get a lower credit cap and high interest rate.

Credit Agencies

As stated earlier, credit bureaus are accountable for establishing up credit indexes and also for awarding credit ratings to individuals. The United Kingdom has 3 credit agencies, which are accountable for all of the objectives outlined above.

As you can see, the UK has three major credit agencies, which implies there are 3 separate credit scales and the financial institutions are completely free to use all of them.

Mentioned below are the 3 different credit reporting agencies

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion

Additionally, here are the credit indexes set up by each one of them

Experian – Credit Rating Scale

Score         Rating

0-560        –      Very poor

561-720    –       Poor

721-880    –       Fair

881-960    –      Good

961-999    –       Excellent

Equifax – Credit Rating Scale

Score         Rating

0-279        –      Very poor

280-379    –       Poor

380-419    –       Fair

420-465    –      Good

466-700    –       Excellent

TransUnion – Credit Rating Scale

Score        Rating

0-550        –     Very Poor

561-565    –     Poor

566-603    –     Fair

604-627    –     Good

628-710    –     Excellent

Here’s yet another thing you need to learn about, review your credit ratings whenever you like, and you can do this for free, just remember to check your credit ratings regularly then see where you rank and how you might boost your credit ratings. You should also review your credit file, you can do it for free, but then you can only access your credit report once every year.

Improving Your Credit Scores: The Basics

As you realize, great credit ratings are highly necessary if you’d like to obtain a loan for just about any reason. Only the very best credit ratings can aid you obtain the loans you need, and you’ll even get flexible credit limits and lowering interest rates. This is going to benefit you tremendously when you start repaying your loans.

So if you’ve a bad credit rating and would like to boost it the first task you must do is repay all your current loan and credit card bills. Try to ensure you’re paying all your loans back on time. If feasible, consider paying off the debt even before the closing date, so you’ll pay a relatively lower interest rate.

Evaluating your credit file will significantly help you understand why you would have poor credit ratings. This is crucial, a lot of people don’t obey this pointer, but when you do, you will realise how beneficial this basic thing can be.

You may also utilize credit builder loans, which are intended to support poor credit rating holders. This is unlike every other loan, if you request for a credit builder loan and have it accepted, you’re not going to get the loan. In order to receive the loan you will have to repay the loan with interest first, and afterwards will you be able to receive the loan.


These are among the primary things you need to consider when you’re in a situation where you require a loan. The key thing you have to remember is that you should always take out a loan only if you desperately require it and have depleted all your other options. The primary reason why you should hold the loans as a very last option is because if you probably wind up not really being able to repay the loan, you’re going to fall in debt, which would lead to more trouble.

To prevent this you should always obtain a loan if you desperately need it and, most importantly, you must be capable of paying the borrowed sum with interest.

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