Use the Whatsapp Tips and Tricks and Make the Most out of your Whatsapp

whatsapp tips and tricks

Whatsapp needs no detailed introduction, as there is hardly anyone who is not aware of it.  Just within a year of its inception, whatsapp became famous all around the world, and today people depend on it for almost all the communication work. It is the most popular messaging applications, which holds the ability to connect people all over the world. The best thing that contributed a lot to the success of whatsapp is that it has been evolving over time. It has been changing itself for the betterment and its users. Though the features of Whatsapp have not seen a drastic change, but small and sweet updations have made its use easier and advanced.

whatsapp tips and tricks

Whatsapp Tricks and Cheats – Be a Pro user

Earlier, whatsapp was a typical messaging application where the messages were sent and received along with some media contents. But today it has become much more than that. Whatsapp has changed itself and has become more social. So much so that we can even, call it a mini face book. With gradual improvements, whatsapp now enables its users to share status updates, track live location, tag their friends and a lot more. If you are a regular user of whatsapp, then you might know its features but what if we tell you that there are various other things about whatsapp that you are still unaware of. Yes! There are some of the features, whatsapp tips, and tricks that are hidden from most of you.

8 Cool Whatsapp tips and tricks

You can do a lot on whatsapp, a lot more than you have imagined. Here we are with some of the coolest Whatsapp tricks and hacks that will make it easier to access whatsapp and will make it more fun:

#1. Whatsapp ticks and cheats– As you all might know that whatsapp can tell the sender if you have read the messages with those blue ticks. However, there is an option of turning the read receipts off, but it has one drawback that you too will not be able to see whether your messages have been read or not. To solve this problem there an absolutely safe way by which you can do the task.

  • turn on your flight mode
  • read the messages that you want
  • to switch off the flight mode

Once you do that, there will be no blue ticks on the messages you have read. This the most comfortable trick to avoid someone from knowing it.

#2. Whatsapp writing tricks– If you are sick and tired of tapping your fingers over whatsapp then you must know this trick. Now you do not need to type the messages always. There is a small icon of mike on the keyboard. Tap that icon, and a mike will appear. Talk whatever you want to send, and the messages will be written by itself on the keyboard. This is a cool typing trick without giving pain to your fingers.

#3. Use whatsapp without a phone number– By far it was mandatory to have a mobile number to use whatsapp but do you know that you can enjoy it even without a phone number. The trick is as follows:

  • Download the whatsapp but do not install it.
  • Download and install the spoof messaging application from the play store.
  • Now put your phone on the flight mode and start installing the application.
  • The app will not be able to verify you through the internet, and it will ask you o choose an alternate SMS method.
  • Choose the SMS method and enter your E-mail.
  • Just after you do that, click on the stop button to top the authorization process.
  • Open the spoof message app add enter the details like the country code and phone number and your email address.

Once the verification of it is done, you are all set to use the whatsapp without entering the phone number in it.

#4 Spy on someone’s whatsapp– You can easily spy on someone’s whatsapp messages, but for that, you will have to have the phone of that person. to spy the messages you have to:

  • Borrow your friend’s phone and go to the settings- about phone- status. You will see a Wi-Fi MAC address on the phone.
  • Note down the address, and you will need it later.
  • Install whatsapp on your mobile and change your MAC id to that of your friends by using spoofing MAC.
  • The verification code will be received on your friend’s phone.
  • Verify using the code and don’t forget to delete it from your friends mobile.

Once the verification is done, you will be able to see the exact replica of your friend’s whatsapp on your mobile.

#5 the whatsapp quote feature– To make more emphasis on a message or to requote the message you do not have to type it again.  Just select the message. You will see a left-pointing arrow will appear on the top of the screen. Touch the option, and your work will be done.

#6 Whatsapp ticks font– Only if you know that you can even change the font of your whatsapp. For this, you have to press the upper coma for three times before and after writing the letter, and the font will be changed.

#7 Flash effects to selfies– There is a flash effect available now in whatsapp. You can use this option while taking selfies in the dark.

#8 New camera tricks– There has been a new feature added to the whatsapp camera. Now you can zoom in and out the video in whatsapp by using your fingers just like the time of zooming the pictures.

There are a lot more tips and tricks that you can use to make your whatsapp more interesting and fun. Features like whatsapp shortcut keys have also made it easier to access any chat in a short span of time. The problem with most of the people is that they know what an Icon is, but they do not know what it is for. Like the pinning option. This option is for keeping a chat always on the top so that you can find it easily.  So use the tricks and tips given above and make the most of your whatsapp application.

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