Why You Need Screen Protector for Your Cherished iPhone

Maximum Protection for iPhone

Why You Need Screen Protector for Your Cherished iPhone

With the emergence of mobile functions, mobile accessories have been on a rocket as well. Many consumers, without deep thoughts, would provide their mobiles with a glass screen protector. But do you know the more profound reasons lying behind every purchase? Follow the steps to take a deep consideration.

Benefits of tempered glass:

  1. effective for protecting eyesight.
  2. useful to prevent the skin spots caused by radiation.
  3. effective for sore eyes, dry tears and sleep disorders caused by playing mobile phones.
  4. useful to improve the mental state caused by the blue light of mobiles.
  5. more effective for people who stay up late playing games, reading novels and networking online, and improves the visual effect.
  6. it can protect the screen of mobile phone, prevent falling and scratching, and has higher hardness than ordinary plastic film.
  7. The toughened glass protector is fingerprint-proof, with higher vision and three-dimensional feeling.
  8. The toughened glass protector will not be expired or out of dates like the food and clothing. It has high safety and long-serving life.

Maximum Protection for iPhone

Tips for selecting the tempered glass:

  • 9H hardness is just a trick.

9h hardness is a very mysterious propaganda point. It is a reality that no tempered film can meet the 9h hardness standard. The 9h hardness in the manufacturer’s mouth refers to the hardness level of pencil, and we generally use the Mohs hardness standard to evaluate the hardness of glass. Pencil hardness is very low. The Mohs hardness of glass is 6.5, higher than that of copper and steel, so the key and kitchen knife can’t leave scratches on the screen of the mobile phone. However, the Mohs hardness of quartz is 7, and it is easy for us to touch (small sand) every day. The subtle scratches caused by the long-term naked running of mobile phones are scratched by the fine sand dust in pockets and bags. 

  • Anti Blu ray is a big flicker.

Regardless of the effect of the anti-blue light tempering glass, most mobile phones currently have night mode (or similar functions can be achieved through a third-party APP). The screen of mobile phones will adjust the color temperature to reduce the blue light. Thus many models of mobile phones do not need additional anti-blue light measures.

Hence, instead of paying for the screen with anti-blue light, it’s better to reduce the brightness of the mobile phone, reduce the time of using the mobile phone, or enable the night mode. 

  • You’d better not buy the peep-proof protection screen.

At present, there are some anti-camera screen protectors on the market. By blocking the light at a certain angle, the anti-camera function of darkening when viewing the screen from the side is achieved. However, this kind of product will make the screen dark, which has a negative impact on the battery life and vision of mobile phones.

The screen darkened after putting on the anti-camera film. When the light is too dim, we need more attention and closer distance to see the screen content. It is more harmful to the eyes, so the appropriate brightness is essential. At present, some businesses will put eye protection labels on the anti peeping film, which is obviously out of nothing.

  • The oil spill is very necessary.

The oil drainage layer is also called oil drainage coating, which is a kind of composite coating material. It can increase the characteristics of oil drainage and water drainage for the screen, play a particular anti-fingerprint effect. The screen surface with the oil drainage layer is better cleaned.

However, the film can only be used to cover the sparse oil layer, so it is also recommended that you buy the tempered film with a sparse oil layer. Besides, to judge whether there is a sparse oil layer on the screen or the toughened tempering glass of the mobile phone, only a drop of water needs to be dropped on the glass. If the water drops agglomerate into circular drops, it means there is a sparse oil layer.



VMAX company has always committed itself to manufacturing high-quality tempered glass; it delivers maximum scratch protection while preserving crystal clear image resolution. Quality is their culture. All the glass is 100% checked after one process finished. VMAX Glass maintains precise touchscreen sensitivity. It’s only 0.33mm thin and features a unique oil-resistant coating. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 2.5D Round Edge Super Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector is their latest product to fit the needs of iPhone screen protection. It features the delicate touch, hydrophobic coating, anti-fingerprint, dust prevention, HD clear, and ultra thinness. 

Its’ high time for you to select a proper glass screen protector to give your mobile full-around care. And VMAX will be a worthy choice.

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