World’s First Holographic Phone

World's First Holographic Phone

World’s First Holographic Phone: RED, Camera maker which is popularly known for its advanced cinematic cameras used for shooting in Hollywood movies and TV shows is now entering the Smartphone race. On July 5, Red launched its first phone known as Hydrogen one. Red also claims that it is “World’s First Holographic Media Machine”.

World's First Holographic Phone
World’s First Holographic Phone

In one of the blog post, the company shows off the Hydrogen one’s Display, Camera, Sound-system and support for modularity, a feature which other popular smartphone brands are trying in the recent years. However, one module will specially focus on the higher quality notion.

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World’s First Holographic Phone Specifications and Features

The company claims that 5.7-inch Display uses nanotechnology by which one will be able to seamlessly switch between 2D, 3D, and Holographic 4 View Content. The company has also declared a channel where it will provide “4-view holographic content”.

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It is also believed that the Smartphone will work with Red’s professional camera program and provide similar user interface and monitor. Like all the other popular smartphones, the device comes with microSD Card, USB Type-C Support, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

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It get’s crazy:

The Red Hydrogen One Smartphone is integrated with “H3O algorithm” in its OS which converts stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio. The sound experience will be as similar as plugging 5.1 out. The phone will be running on Android.

Hydrogen One will also consist of high-speed data port which allows users to attach modular accessories to it. The company says that these modular accessories will be helpful for shooting amazing pictures and videos along with shooting Holographic images.

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Here is the deal:

RED Hydrogen one comes with two variants: Aluminum which is available at price of $1,195(approx. Rs. 77,000) and Titanium which is available at a price of $1,595(approx. Rs. 103,000). There is no data about when the phone will be available in India. It is expected that will be available in the US in Q1 of 2018. The Pre-orders of the phone have already begun.

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